Rediscovering Winter

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I haven’t lived in winter for a long time.
When I searched my flickr photographs for cold I found only four, and for winter, none.
I had better luck with rainy.
A new subject for photography as we head into Autumn.


Mother in a Cocoon

Unfolding ripples of winter
whispers arrival’s soon

out come layered garments
wrapping around tender skin
every garment feels too thin

Bye bye butterflies
sunlight splash on takeaway cups
warm rim

(c) June Perkins, word and inmage

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When I pass

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

Always behind
seeking to capture textures of a family walk
mushrooms in a tree stump

When I pass
is this one of the images that will flash before me?


When I pass will I see
reality lights of cane and sunset
flickering orange, green merging and
realise my soul is
an interconnection of light to light memories
people there flicker
into lamps of their soul


The lamp of my soul
becomes zen of light and circles
all colours
and none
is this what souls look like
when we pass and go to meet our loved ones?


(c) June Perkins, images and words.

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Weaving Sunset


Weaving Sunset – June Perkins

for sunset
to weave me
into memory
of her triumphant story

songs of sore fingers
waiting for mercy’s respite

is sunset’s daughter
sunrise’s sister
weaving freedom’s future

(c) June Perkins


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A Country Life – A photo book about the magic of country life

Originally posted on Gumbootspearlz Photography:


A country life is a time to dream in the cane, save turtles, make music, play Robin Hood, see butterflies, frogs and croc nests.

A full colour photo book, 54 pages.  18cmX18cm (small square) lustre finish paper.

You can purchase a Country Life from BLURB.
There is an eversion as well only for ipad or ibooks at this stage. BLURB EVERSION A COUNTRY LIFE.

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Music Maketh the Man

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Broken Church – June Perkins

There’s a lady with coloured birds
who knows how to breathe
long deep breaths
from head to toe
all through her body.

She told me ‘it is easy to take the
thoughts and put them aside
good or indifferent, stressed or
just breathe

in and out watching the breath
aware of the presence of that
which keeps us alive
taking in the oxygen
forgetting all else but this

She tells us not to sleep
as we become aware of each toe
and each part of our hand

And our chest rising and falling
and the thoughts are not welling up stillness,
except for the breath

But someone is snoring because
she has become so calm
but that is alright too
because she is free for
a moment

From the broken tarp rooves
wind gusts
insurance companies
and all that stuff

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Literacy Story – Class Project

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

For Aunty Pat Ellis

weaving hands

Weaving hands – By June Perkins

Writin’ that day
that special day
nostalgic with tears

walkin’ past middens
Koori kitchens to childhood
kitchens nostalgic with tears

pickin’ up a shell
and rememberin’ teachings
of the old days

“put it back where it was
leave it there”

I know the old ways
’cause I did what I was s’posed to
sat down and listened

Seen a crow following us
it’s some Elder comin’
with us as we walk

my eldest daughter’s peelin’
back the layers of a rock
like a potato

the day is peelin’ back

an’ there’s
a giant hand holding up the
roof of the cave
we go into

something just something

what a day
what a joyous day

an’ I see a saw
reminds me of me Dad
cuttin’ the wood
and me brother’s markin’ out
where the trees to fall

an’ it’s the…

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Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:

Alone with my Friend

Jody McNary- Flickr Creative Commons

The girl with a flower in her hair
Motioned moonlight to visit her
Dancing light beams touched her face
Stillness touched ruby lips
Froze tears to her bones
Love still for her?
She could hope

By June Perkins

Experimenting with poetic form – this is a Nonet

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New Day Dawning

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:


                                                     Taken by David Perkins

Sleeping beauties
now Tsunamis.

Waves of sleep
waves of ocean
weekend mornings
nightmare’s yawning.

The city’s parades’ loud raucous calls,
the country singers under the stars.

Morning papers
cuppa tea
quakes here and there
warnings come and go
some to higher ground
do flow.

Connecting and disconnecting,
people come and people go
people lonely,
people happy.

Waves of depression
cross the World
People need hope
hope seeks them.

Seek no building or bridge
seek the open arms
and cuppa tea.

Light entertainment
surrounds the news
waves of silliness
waves of laughter.

Ripples come
and ripples go.

Fashions come
fashions go.

Still the open arms
and cuppa tea
beckon across the sea.

New Day dawning?

By June Perkins

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A Baby Smiles

Originally posted on Ripple Poetry:


Kyaabo – Flickr Creative Commons

A baby smiles
she survived the rubble
in Japan

a writer smiles
she saw a rainbow

a walk with bright yellow umbrellas
in the rain

a feeling that life
will go on once again

sending off packages of illustrations
and words
to meet dignitaries

wondering if they
will hear our joy
as well as our sorrow

a walk with purple orchids
in the wind

true friends emerge
to give us

firm and staunch
hearing our sorrow
and our joy

turning myself inside out
and upside down
to walk with peace

harmonicas on a Sunday
show that birthdays
can be cool in
a Bob Dylan kind of moment
for the young

cyclone forged friendships
will go on

surviving all the loss
we cannot know

embracing all the human depths

By June Perkins

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