Writing nature in images

tree study- bark

Recently I went out to tree in my neighbourhood and photographed it from every angle.

I looked at the bark, the roots,  insects on the tree, other plants growing on the tree and out of it.

I looked up into the sky through the leaves.  I kept trying to think of new ways to look at it with my camera.  I went down on the ground and focused on the grass and faded the tree.  I realised I was having not just a lot of fun but trying to come at it from an insect or birds point of view, from high up or from down low.  I also photographed the tree as if I was about to be an ant clmbing it.

Then I wrote about the tree!  Beginning with a description.  I have more questions though- what is the tree actually called, what is the tree growing around it called, and what are some myths about trees that might inspire me.  I have also been thinking about my life and how I have come across trees- the memory tree.

My story tree is in me waiting to get out
It tells me of the Bodhi Tree
Of Trials and Serenity
The tree sits within me
And to it I call and say
You will be my story tree
And I will see you in me
and me in you.
(C) Gumbootpearlz

Story Tree


Rain Mirror

contemplation river

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My mirror watches rain
It splashes out my reflection
As that reflected meets that outside the mirror

Fingers dance in mirror movements
Reflection and I yawn,
We sing, we commune to find out
Who is real
I or reflection
I or the rain
The rain or myself

Rain dances down the mirror
I see the butterfly flower tree outside the window
The green tree frog suctioned to the window
I declare “I am the real
You are the reflected”

My reflection takes my words and processes them
Says nothing but hears the rain
Smells the rain, longs to touch the rain

Mirror rain, reflect raindrops
Raindrops reflect rain mirror
Rain watches mirror my-self.

(c) All rights reserved image and words gumbootspearlz