Why blog? Why write?

Future Hands
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Why write?  You might as well ask the addicted writer why breathe.  Writing is like breathing.  We are all born to communicate something.  We all have a life that is a potential memoir.  So what if most best selling published memoirs are written, or ghost written, by the celebrity or people who did something spectacular or infamous.  Goodness they are not the only ones I like to read. I do like inspiring ones. But is any life truly boring, if written well? Do I really need to know any more about Tiger?  I can’t see myself buying that one.  Although I’d say his is going to be a biography as he is so notoriously private.

Your life can be extraordinary when you write it.  You can see patterns you never saw before you began to write it all down.  You can make sense of all the crossroads you stood at and see the movie like moments.   Triumphs and lowpoints.  You can feel it all again as you write it, if you want to.  You can welcome or despise the memory, let it out, and let it go.  I once wrote that fiction however is so powerful because you can rewrite all the endings for your characters, but can we rewrite our endings in real life, even if we can’t rewrite the past.

There are some experiences I am glad I have never had, and hope to never have.  Watching based on real life telemovies where someone is catapulted into a situation that is unbearable, whether it be having a family member be a victim of crime, or been a victim of crime you just don’t want to go there, but you are so happy people get their justice.  Although that’s not completely true we may have more experience than we realise.  We have had someone try to break into our house, and at that moment I had so much fear – I couldn’t believe it.  I saw my life running by and exploding like a toad with a cricket bat about to connect with it.  It is not telemovie material but to me it was a significant event!  It taught me you are not safe anywhere, even in your own home, in a small country town.  The only true safety is in connection, friendship, and community.

At these moments of fear how often do we make promises to live life differently.  I don’t want to fear like that again.  I don’t want anyone else to fear like that.  Yet, every day I wake up watch the news and someone has been through that fear or much, much worse.

Fear is not a place to live life in.  It stops us from doing things we want to, just in case.  Just in case we experience something we don’t want to.  All the just in cases become like bars and we never venture forth to discover the new.

Recently a blogger I only really just began reading, Kathy, wrote about the secret life of bloggers. This made me think about the question of why people blog.  They shout out in the cyberspace.  They want their stories to matter.  Well some do.   Bloggers blog because it’s like breathing to them.  They chart their thoughts, stories, and things that just stand out in their day.  As Kathy says on her blog we may not know bloggers as well as we think as they pattern their experiences to become the multidimensional blog representation of it.  Over time we may come to know them better if we persevere.

Bloggers can share what delights them, disgusts them, enchants them – some publicise their projects, their successes, their self, some chart the blogosphere of others, seeking connection and reconnection, and a community to belong to.  Others meditate, reflect on their spiritual challenges and successes.  Although some keep this out of the public sphere, and they are entitled to some privacy.

Bloggers are as varied as the world.  But the ones I read why do I read them? This might help answer the question of why people read blogs, but brings me no closer to the answer of why keep a blog. I like bloggers who take on challenges like Sarah and her poem a day,  or set up photographic assignments like Views infinitum.  They inspire me with their writing or photographic projects, to take on my own challenges.  I love this sense of an arts community.

Many bloggers love photography.  A well placed photo brightens up a post, adds meaning to it, provides a visual snapshot into their lives or their creative thought.

So the question is – why stop blogging?  Maybe there is mild danger in blogging, in being so out there in writing.  You might not blog just in case something terrible happens to you.  However, that cuts one off from the amazing people you may meet out there, reading their blogs.  Blog with care – now that’s a better maxim.

And for all those who invent characters in their cyberworld, keep it to fiction, obvious fiction.  There is a line people shouldn’t cross in cyberspace – the line that imprisons, or disrespects others!  This line doesn’t just exist in the blogging world, it exists everywhere.

So many bloggers gather where we feel safety, enthusiasm, connection, support, and encouraged.  There is so much that can hurt people everyday, crush their spirit, take away there desire to share the power of their voice and story, their ability to see that in reality we are all extraordinary – for we breathe, speak, write and take the journey of life.

Why do you blog?  Why do you read blogs?  It is a  question that has too many answers for it is part of the tapestry of the blogosphere – big – varied – unanswerable in a few words.

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Rain Mirror

contemplation river

Originally uploaded by gumbootspearlz

My mirror watches rain
It splashes out my reflection
As that reflected meets that outside the mirror

Fingers dance in mirror movements
Reflection and I yawn,
We sing, we commune to find out
Who is real
I or reflection
I or the rain
The rain or myself

Rain dances down the mirror
I see the butterfly flower tree outside the window
The green tree frog suctioned to the window
I declare “I am the real
You are the reflected”

My reflection takes my words and processes them
Says nothing but hears the rain
Smells the rain, longs to touch the rain

Mirror rain, reflect raindrops
Raindrops reflect rain mirror
Rain watches mirror my-self.

(c) All rights reserved image and words gumbootspearlz