The World is Singin’ its Blues

Guitar Boy by June Perkins

The world is singin’ its blues
askin’ for a bit of time to heal
askin’ why it’s so hard to feel
that nothin’ we do is gonna make
peace be real

askin’ for a DJ who understands
the need for peace
who can give us some
musical release
to bleed out the fears
dress them in a mother’s tears

The world is ringin’ out its questions
why, oh why’s a piece of land
or your religion
something to kill or die for
and why are people so quick
to tie their fate to
those noose of hate?

askin’ for a DJ who can change the down beat
into an upbeat
bring some kind of optimism into play
dress that sorrow
in a technicolour tomorrow

The world is singin’ its blues
askin’ for a bit of time to heal
askin’ why it’s so hard to feel
that nothin’ we do is gonna make
peace be real

(c) June Perkins, words and image.


Handle with Care


the morning news unsettles
and reminds
for many there is no luxury
to look for daily balance

only the beginning of an end

lives blasted out of the sky
children bombed on the beach
apocalyptic movies due
at the cinema soon

and on the way to when healing arrives
the places where there is the

beginning of a beginning

every moment
is now handle with care

the places where tear drops
bomb the hope just out of reach

longing for the time
visions of one world
might be in the real world soon

the temporary bandages we put on things
attempted treaties delicately achieved
are never enough

when will they make way for the time
when unity might
beam its sunlight
through leaves of green
to blind the apocalypse of now?

(c) June Perkins


Hellos of the human race
Are wayfarers in outer space
Searching into future time
Reaching memories so sublime.

Wayfarers in shifting space
Mix Dylan’s songs of human race
Dancing with the dust of stars
To the future we might be bizarre?

Hellos circle stars and moon
Humanity longs for a cocoon
As child soldier hides in the wheat
And tides move the world’s heart beat.


© June Perkins

Originally posted here Hellos in Space : Image Credit: Paulien Bats

The Green Broom

Creative Commons, Matteo Riva

Voice of the Bab’s Servant Mubarak

Sweeping, sweeping
Clearing pathways
For Him to walk on
Making a befitting place for Him
To be with Khadijih.

Sweeping, sweeping
Another auburn
Autumn leaf
Still not here

But assuring her
He will return
For each and all

Winter trees
Pencil like gray outlines
Fragile like her weeping.

But I know
He will return.

(c) June Perkins

Image Credit: Creative Commons Matteo Riva

The Lovefulness Tree

Ripple Poetry

dream tree 13 Dream Tree Cardwell – June Perkins

Our feet they have a lovefulness beat
They are filling all Mission Beach streets.

A magic cheetah lives under our tree
He can be naughty when he’s grumpy.

Look into our chatterbox eyes
We’re marvellous, we’re cool
We’ll bring lovefulness to our school.

Our feet they have a lovefulness beat
Crazy word games make us proud
Crazy word games make us loud.

We will sing you a lovefulness poem
We will send you a ripple from here.

We will make Mrs Tronconne proud
We’re giving, we’re special
And what’s more
We’ve watered the plants and tamed the cheetah.

He’s not grumpy anymore
He’s so full of lovefulness.

By June Perkins,
inspired by Mrs Tronconne Mission Beach, Year 1s.

2843697699_f922317b83_o Lovefulness Tree Poster- June Perkins

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Protest in poetry

Ripple Poetry


Joe told me that poetry can be beautiful
for beauty’s sake and speak of love
and roses and all that jazz

but it can do more
you can be like Dylan and Seeger
speaking up for what you believe the world
could be and try to capture the
losing of dreams we must strive to keep

Now is the time for youth to make an army of guitars and
chant in the singing wind
Where are the answers? Return the answers in truthful breeze.

Can we blow them into a poem of anguish and angst
that wakes the social justice sleeping somewhere in this land?

Where we too complacent, distracted with our dreams
to see the arrival of the Hollow men?

(c) June Perkins

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Nature’s Eyes Cry

From my Ripple Poetry blog, where I can be found with fellow poets.
Posted in my ongoing Haiku quest, which has a long way to go!

Ripple Poetry

2014-04-24 2014-04-24 001 030

todays webs hang
raindrops of possibility
as nature’s eyes cry

storms trembling trees
see past forest’s danger
as nature’s eyes cry

footpaths gather prints
dance for lost youth dreaming
as nature’s eyes dry

Image and Words by June Perkins

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Song for Martha


for Martha Root

By a rainbow tree in Honolulu
Rainbow languages are gently flowing
Singing, “Martha board your next canoe”
Whether she knows the next bend’s turning
Her heart is filled with a simple yearning

She is drawn to follow every rainbow
Searching the mysteries of its soul
On every continent she can only sing
Filled to the brim with her love of Him
Drawn on and on to where the next path is going

The red hues of her sacrifice growing
Her will with others does not always intertwine
But still on and on she rainbow dances
On boats, canoes, ferries aeroplanes and trains

Each stop is a spirit travel line
That feels itself drawn to the divine
On a train bound for glory
There’s the beginning of her next story

In each rioting mob within places of unrest
She tries to see glimmers of light
The dawn of orange and yellow in her sight
In her pale blue silk dress and brown overcoat
Accompanied by one small suitcase full mostly of books

She’ll travel the endless greens
On her way to visit Queen Marie

(c) June Perkins

(Published in Bahai World Order)