Sister Basket

for Poetess Tahirih

My sister made me a basket
Woven in a rainbow garden
Where petals soft and warm
Didn’t want to fade in the sun.

She could enchant any carpet snake
Yellow or black
They’re still swaying to her music’s tack
Forward and back, forward and back.

Light sang of colours woven into a spirit kite
Skimming the river of rainbow sisters everywhere.

Her basket of poetry was tossed
Into the centre of the sun
There it burnt strong and true
Until red flames became blue.

The Faith in her basket
Said “Send me to the sky
I’ll come back like a Phoenix just you wait”

She danced around a square and found
She couldn’t really fit.
She found a circle and could not

But nine doors of a temple opened out
And she found a basket woven in a daisy,
Wrapped in a rose.

It was no time to pose
No time to fade in the sun.

She sang a song that spiralled out
Into her rainbow garden
Left petals soft and warm
On the path that she first laid there.

(c) June Perkins


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