Literacy Story – Class Project

Ripple Poetry

For Aunty Pat Ellis

Writin’ that day
that special day
nostalgic with tears

walkin’ past middens
Koori kitchens to childhood
kitchens nostalgic with tears

pickin’ up a shell
and rememberin’ teachings
of the old days

“put it back where it was
leave it there”

I know the old ways
’cause I did what I was s’posed to
sat down and listened

Seen a crow following us
it’s some Elder comin’
with us as we walk

my eldest daughter’s peelin’
back the layers of a rock
like a potato

the day is peelin’ back

an’ there’s
a giant hand holding up the
roof of the cave
we go into

something just something

what a day
what a joyous day

an’ I see a saw
reminds me of me Dad
cuttin’ the wood
and me brother’s markin’ out
where the trees to fall

an’ it’s the kinda
day you wanna write about

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