Guinea Pig Memory

Image: Guinea Pig Magic

You never know how a memory might turn out and where it might take you.  I think for just a while I will blog some memories and see where they take me.  They are sketches that can be developed into fuller stories, or mythical, fairytales of everyday.  I won’t publish the final products but give you just a hint as the final creations will be part of Island Rock Girl my in progress memoirs…

Guinea Pig Memories

We had a guinea pig called Weasley
he lived in a cage in our yard
with a crazy rabbit
who liked to chew all the cords in our house
when he was upstairs visiting.

We said goodbye to that guinea pig
when we moved North
found him a home with some uni students
and dropped him and
said crazy rabbit
and waved goodbye.

Wonder what happened to Weasley
did he join a guinea pig school of magic
we hope his ending wasn’t tragic.

We wonder if the crazy rabbit
calmed down
and found peace with those uni students.

Can’t keep rabbits in Queensland
although its rumoured people do.

Now we have pet geckos, well family geckos
and Eagles and Rosellas in the garden.

My little girl longs for a
guinea pig and is building a cage with her Dad.
She wants to grow up to work with animals.

She wants to practice by having lots of pets!

(c) June Perkins


4 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Memory

  1. I had pet rabbits and white mice. My Dad had a big aviary with budgies (Love Birds, they’re called here in the States. He had canaries, too. Weasley looks like such a lovable little guy.


  2. He’s not Weasley unfortunately- the guinea pig in the photo is a friend’s guinea pig and they have offered to give my daughter a guinea pig, she was enjoying hugging it.

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