Unity Bell: The Seriel

So the adventures all began here

Unity Bell

She often listened to the call of the shell. She had been holding it up to her ear every year since she was ten.

The shell held prophecies. You heard them in snippets, key words and phrases that held some clues as to what was to happen next.

You heard the rhythm of the ocean . If you were one of the chosen it took on a melody. Sometimes the shell made pictures on the sand. It gathered other shells to it.

It left messages for those who took the time to understand.

The Shell sang of an angel ship full of mirrors coming over the horizon, and of a giant turtle that was its guardian. To emphasise this point it joined other shells and made a turtle on the sand.

Unity loved the picture. She thought she heard the snippet “quest for…” Hmm “time to pack”. She grabbed her endlessly producing milk coconut, her pet gecko Speck and was about to look for more when the ship appeared with the guardian turtle coming out to meet her.

She was astonished at the speed with which everything was happening. Not one to question the wisdom of the shell she graciously stepped upon the turtle and away she went towards the ship. SS Vulcania she read. Maybe that means Sister Shell ….


(c) Images and her original characters to June Perkins

(c) world to Soul Food

And now we are here

Unity’s Garden

The two donkeys Ariadne and Armful of Tiger Lillies were shocked to be pulled into a world where they took on their usual forms.

Ariadne was a tall bespeckeled maiden with long honey coloured hair, while Armful of Tiger Lillies was a Tiger. They had both forgotten the story of how they had become donkey guides, which was not surprising as it was shocking.

Ariadne had once been a princess who lived in the land of Inana and she had been haughty and precious about almost everything. She did have an excuse which was that she had lost her mother as a young baby. She had asked for a Tiger cub when she was young. What Ariadne asked for Ariadne got.

Her father was beside himself with worry, and asked the courtiers to please watch out for the young girl. She was sure of herself though and trained her cub well. They spoke to each other in her head.

Image: Ariadne enjoyed the Gardens of Inana as a child.

One day the tiger and the young girl went out into the major forest of Inana’s land. It was called Temporality. Whilst they were there they became hopelessly lost. Well at least Ariadne did, Armful of Tiger Lillies knew exactly where she was going.

To be continued.….

© June Perkins, all rights reserved words and images.

It may be time to begin filing and placing archives on this adventure, held in the world of Lemuria and ending up in a garden of poetry and wanderings…


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