Look to the Future

bluegirlImage:  Blue Girl – Look to the Future

Reflecting on the Image.

The blue girl looks to the future

through the outline of the branches.

She is dissolving into nature.

Nature is absorbed in her dreams.

In the future they are one and in

the past they are one.

From the dust she arrived

and by the leaves she is buried.

In the present they are separated

then reconnected through

the imagination…

(c) June Perkins


6 thoughts on “Look to the Future

  1. This is so beautiful! It is as if I am staring at my own inner child who is peeping shyly at me from behind the veil of everything which I take for granted.

  2. I love your response to it Edith (: I will be working on some more of these, so do come back and see- inner child – yes it is important to keep the vision of the inner child, and creative muse alive isn’t it!

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