Ending the Reign of the School Yard Bully

Youths’ hearts are sore when they are left standing by the door while the others play and they count the hours till the end of day.

Youths’ tummies ache as they start their journey to the school door

Past the bullies and the dangers of the high school yard they don’t want to play the scaredy cat card they breathe deep walk fast to get past.

Young egos reign

And broken hearted revenge in the school domain has become insane, and bystanders falter and do not respond even though they’ve done all the courses they’re subject to other forces.

And what if there were markers for every broken spirit in a school at the place where bullying happened not where we just heard it was on the evening news.

Parents want to protect but they can’t nor should they take every step behind their child or surely teenagers would want

to go wild but it should be safe for them to venture forth, to grow their wings

This is why loss of life just stings ‘That could have been my child’ some parents think. And others in denial deep down know it could have been their child that killed.

Yet you can’t live in fear nor think your child will always be in the clear grow them up caring and wise and strive that they will not be bully

or bystander don’t leave it up to the news, the schools, or your neighbours or church, it’s our responsibility to end the reign of the school yard bully.

Who’d want to be forever young in such a feral world where surviving highschool has never been so hard and let’s be thankful that we made it alive.


(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.


One thought on “Ending the Reign of the School Yard Bully

  1. Whew, you’ve certainly nailed it. What a shame our children aren’t given more spiritual help in faith, kindness, gratitude compassion, etc. Just listening to the news and the media is an education in corruption, and meanness. So sad, but it’s up to all of us to show them the way. Thanks for writing this–hope it gets a wide reading.

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