Purple Tips

From my poetry vault.

Purple tips on fingers
Not girl’s garish nail polish that wears off
But rather freedom’s call tattooed forever there
As women disenfranchised
Take up their vote.

Emily Pankhurst’s battle still lingers on
So women take on the dubious task of
Assassination and martyrdom for causes
What has gone wrong?

Under house arrest some passively resist
And take the path of living martyrdom
Voices in the darkness of whatever living hell
They are trying to change.

Shoes are lined up and costumes are hung
From the backs of supermodels out for causes.
They don’t want to be ditzy it’s way cool
To have a cause like ‘save the whales’
And ‘save the children’ and ‘stop violence
Against women and they place purple tips on their hair

and someone called
Pink writes a song to ask the President
Some questions.

(c) June Perkins


Image By  June Perkins

2 thoughts on “Purple Tips

  1. This gave me goosebumps June. I made it clear to my daughter, when she turned 18, that women had gone to jail and given their lives in order to give her the right to vote, and that she should not take that lightly. Well written.

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