Passing through 1#

highway journeys

Seen where I’ve come from
seen my old school
Seen my childhood house
covered in paint
the pampas grass gone.

Discovered new places
along the Tamar
hidden properties
so private and serene
country in the town
leading out to a zoo.

I’ve become a tourist where once I was local.

I’ve seen my past, some teachers, some friends
some family –

Found that my children
are excited by sheep
and unimpressed by the drought
they come from a town of endless green
and rain.

Seen some old friends
building their lives
passing through Tassie
some settled back there
after leaving the ‘mainland’

Has it changed
is it the same
It is not the place
where once I dreamed.

Beyond it is so much more
and yet in it is something valuable
If you only know how to look.

By June Perkins
holidays tassie 534

(c) all rights reserved words and Images June Perkins


3 thoughts on “Passing through 1#

  1. I love the sky photo and the words are excellent. Your childhood space is never the same when you go back as an adult. It can be quite disappointing and saddening. I visited my childhood street, where I’d spent so many happy years, when I went back to the UK for a holiday and it had gone to pot. I wished I hadn’t overlaid my memories.

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