the yellow honey eater
is dipping her beak into
the remembrance of human lives

wings hum around
the desires of hunger lingering in
human bellies

sweetness not enough
to stop this burning, wirring of wings
questioning and seeing the small

she sees the young beggar
with a bent leg stretching
her arms bent in an orangutan style
she was forced to cut one limb
and scooter for her supper

she hums around the desire for freedom
above a girl child stuck at a loom
her fingers enslaved to craft carpet
for traders who
bargain for child labour

she is wizzing above a toddler
picking roses for a highclass clientelle
she can smell the perfume of exploitation all too well…

although she doesn’t stop
the search to understand this mass of human made despair

she wishes she could take the honey dew
she has found and stop the blood
dripping from the steel

(c) June Perkins — for poetry vaults of the past.


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