In Faith

one more leaf

For Tahirih the poetess

In Faith
Be a hollow reed
Waiting for melodies
And the notes that breathe skies
And the skies that breathe navy blue
And the navy blue that breathes sea
And the sea the breathes woman
And the woman that breathes of your unveiling and peeling away
That skin of your ego loosening and falling
The cocoon the morn
In Badasht last century
The morn.

(c) June Perkins

4 thoughts on “In Faith

  1. Thank you June – lovely work! Especially so, as I’ve just been listening to Grant Hindin-Miller’s song “Tahirih”.
    xxx Noel

  2. Thanks for your comments Sally and Noel, I love Grant Hindin Miller’s song- lucky enough to have heard him sing live a couple of times.

    There will be more on my favourite historical figures on the way- there is one on Martha Root and its part of a Soul Spinners series I worked on years ago.

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