Facebook identity…

In my facebook world.
I am Aanis Nin the writer.
I am a great potential spy who moonlights as a photographer
I am Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s world.
I am little Miss Magic.
I am a fairy.
I am Elmo.
I am the colour blue.
I play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix.
I am Italian at heart.
I long to travel to Egypt.
I am a bit like Stephen Hawking.
I am Dr Cuddy from House.
I have a high iq.
I would be charming and rustic in Paris.
I send out travelling gnomes to save the world.
I have a pet dog called Max.
I once joined Robin Hood’s band.
I give away classic paintings.
I can be generous with gifts.
I am not hungry.
I am not tired.
I can have multiple hearts.
I never get fat when I eat chocolate
I save paper
I can join causes
I become a fan of House and the Hawks
I have super powers.
I can fly,
Read people’s minds.
I can save the world.
I am surrounded by 100s of friends
And billions of people.

In my house where I tap at my laptop
I am not doing housework.
I am not sitting down for a cuppa with friends.
I am not out taking photographs although I might be uploading them.
I might be working on a story at the same time.
I am sitting alone.

Or am I?

(c) June Perkins


4 thoughts on “Facebook identity…

  1. Okay, in addition to the eating chocolate and never getting fat and writing like Anais Nin.. or the great writer June Perkins.. you and I have at least half a dozen other similarities..could I be the other you in a different time and place? : )

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