Prince of Peace

“Wither can a lover go but to the land of his beloved.”

There he is
I can’t see his smile
Just a fuzzy outline from a window

But he is near

So near I could run up the stairs
And sit at his feet

But the door is closed

Not by him but be others

Everyday I am in this city
I will stand here on the corner
Thinking ‘there he is’

I can feel his smile

It enters my bones
The pith of me
And my core calls out

I am sure he knows
I’m here and he would
Take my soul and make it whole in his presence

The rumour of his life
And words have moved me
To journey here

I am not disappointed
For his kindness falls
From that window

You can feel its presence
In every leaf falling
Every rose blooming
In each footfall

You know his purity is
No rumour

There he is

I am sure his breath is clearing the city of pollution
And sorrow

I can see others smiles
Raised to his honour
And his footfalls say I am lesser even than the earth

And in that lies his greatness
Yet he is not abased
This pure mirror

Reflecting glories
One can only long to
Feel the silhouettes of

He is truly here
This promised one
Fifth Buddha, Lord of Host
Prince of Peace

His light is touching
Each footfall
Each trees shadow

Each face is left beaming
Each heart is left yearning

For the suggestion of his presence in their cities.

I remember the scent of oranges and it
Reminds me I must return

I rejoice
For I was so near

I offered prayers for his safety
For the glory of his mission
For everyone to be near to him

I will take my feet away
And leave my soul forever dedicated

No city can contain him
No prison imprison him
Remoteness from him would be unbearable

And even though I only
Saw mostly influencing
Extending out its hand
I can feel his breath
Permeates every corner here

When I leave
I will carry that breath
On my sleeves
In my hair
Within my heart

And whisper it to you
My love.

© June Perkins all rights reserved

Image by June Perkins all rights reserved.


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