I found some poems from years ago. It is kind of based on family stories of the prejudice my parents suffered when they were first married from my grandmother. I was studying a lot about language at the time as well. And for the record they did stay married!

Language is his icon
Exchanged and rearranged
For he is the Esperantist
Saying what he thinks is true.

He lives the Worfian hypothesis
Tests it on his children
Passes them the flame
To pass on and on and on.

Language is his symbol
The brail of his existence
A newfound syntax for his customised

He sings a melody
‘the origin of words’
Imitates the sounds of
All Brazillian birds.

Yet he’ll never test his love
By using language to offend.

He’ll tell her she has symmetry
Her frown has elegance
And Oh my dear your smile
Is a semaphore of love.

She’s arranging his sons
So quaintly on the mantle
While he’s deciphering
Hieroglyphs of their pain.

His alveolar technique
His bilabial desire to answer
Does not so much as
Rise above a thought.

Her words he knows
And trembling hopes she will regret
They won’t stay married you know
‘He’s white and she’s black.’

He retires to his cellar
To drink another batch
Of kiwi fruit wine.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved


6 thoughts on “Icons

  1. OK, I admit…I had to stop and look one or two words up in the dictionary. Thank you for adding to my vocabulary. Your poem was unusual in its verse but shows how the strength of love can overcome.

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