Be thou as a throbbing artery, pulsating in the body of the entire creation,
that through the heat generated by this motion there
may appear that which will quicken the hearts of those who hesitate.
~ Bahá’u’lláh

No time to feel the heat of words
That burn bridges between teenagers.

No time to feel the numbness of
Those who have used words
To destroy
Those who have read them
As they tried to shut out

Only time to quicken, quicken
The entire creation,
Only time
To think of the brightness of the sky
Filled with cool cool moon
And warm warm sun.

No time to hesitate
Hand raised high
We’ll take on that challenge
To quicken hearts

When the morning arrives

We know some brilliance in the day
Something, someone, is waiting there
Knowing how to make
Us feel the throb of hope.

© June Perkins all rights reserved.


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