Coat of Forgiveness

…let your adorning be forgiveness and mercy and that which cheereth
the hearts of the well favoured of God.’

Putting on the coat of forgiveness
Each button done up releases the pain
That came from others disdain.

Putting on the shoes of forgiveness
I walk straight by those who did me wrong
Free at last from the chains.

All that was done does not touch me now
As I am shaded in my hat of forgiveness
The sun that reaches me now
Why it’s the sun of forgiveness

Cupping the light of that in my hands
I dig deep and let go of all the pain
Throw it out to the wind
Let it be taken out to the ocean.

The sea breeze blows out mercy
Wraps me in hope from the sky
Stitches beads of happiness
All over my coat of forgiveness.

(c) all rights reserved June Perkins


5 thoughts on “Coat of Forgiveness

  1. Lovely poem filled with good advice for all who have difficulty with forgiveness and letting go.

  2. I really liked this poem and the idea of all the different things that can be a part of forgiveness and protect us from the pain others have tried to inflict. Thank you for sharing.

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