Sky Dress

Flying a Kite

If I had a dress made of sky
I would fill it with light wispy clouds
That did not flood the plains
But rather darted across my dress to add interest.

I’d take that dress and give it rain that forms
Rainbows in a thick arch across a field
So I could have all the colours of light
Washing out from white.

As I wore my dress I’d gently spin it
To calm my cyclone children
Larry and Winifred
Into an indecisive Hamish.

My dress would feel light and airy
Full of space and lightly touch
The Misty Mountains with
The edges of sunrise.

I’d like to float in my dress made of sky
Imagining I was an angel who could
Fly like a kite in the sky to
Make sure memories would never die.

(C) June Perkins all rights reserved.


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