I am Camera

Top Hat

Top Hat- by gumbootspearlz

I am your first Kodak camera, capturing the Kodak moments of your Life. I point and take the image, I am uncomplicated to love, but you have to use me sparingly and can’t take too many pictures for films are expensive and your parents won’t let you waste film. They yell at you if you cut off heads, take images only of feet saying “What On earth are you up to can’t you take what’s in the frame” not realizing this is your first foray into art and that this is your frame and one day you will take images like, feet and hands, walking every texture of earth, stone, gravel,  soft soft grass, hands scooping up water, scooping up sand and sifting it through fingers, your models are your children whose first Cameras are digital see they can snap and snap away at feet, flowers, soft toys in elaborate poses and then edit them. However,they like on computers and they even do stop animations ofdinosaurs eating robots on the lounge-room floor.

30 years later I am your latest love, Digital SLR, I am your sepia, colour and Black and white eyes and your dream to capture Cairn Bird Wing butterfly perched in fingers before it feeds on nectar of a vibrant red plant. I can Take still like frames of every movement of your daughter on a trampoline, your son bowling to his Poppy and his Dad and I capture sunrise and sunsets
better than you ever did before. Oh how Monet would have loved Me, dawn and noon and night, and Vincent even too, who I imagine Would send me to capture poverty and Crows out in the fields. Now Everyone can capture snapshots of family and sunrises and sunsets But the tool is not the be all and the end all, because there is still the Choice in the subject, what you put in backgrounds, and capturing memories in raindrops the back of a helmet, or in a mirror and even now the Artist calls to you to push the image to the envelope in the first Choice, and says
“Come with me my love. Take a top hat for a walk in the sunset and make it a a story about a lost groom in the sand, watch out for crab holes and ripples and lie down on your stomach to be the crab scampering on the sand.”

© June Perkins, all rights reserved.
March 2009.

Butterfly eats 2

Butterfly Eats – by gumbootspearlz


16 thoughts on “I am Camera

  1. Oh, so true! My camera is my best friend. I try to take it everywhere…but not always and those are the days I see the double rainbow over the ocean or the pair of raccoons waddling down the street. My only fear is that I will break or lose it. Well, you have to take chances, I guess.

  2. my camera lives in my handbag and goes pretty much everywhere with me unless I have forgotten to put it back. I have had missed racoon moments too, I guess we all have. Digital SLR with a macro lens is my next fantasy.

  3. I meant to add that I can really relate to this post too, having gone through similar stages firstly with my mum’s box camera and then moving on to having one of my own. And how I regret having contributed my polaroid camera to a de-cluttering sale!

  4. Thanks for sharing your stories, Lori, Carol, Fran, Lori, and jeanne i am enjoying them.

    Our local camerashop has a little camera museum. I love going in there !

  5. What a fantastic post. Do you really get to wander in the sand with top hats? I am so damn jealous. To wander these broken streets with my decent camera is lunacy. Teenagers are dragging each other off buses, literally, to yank away cheap mp3 players and iPods. Absolutely NO ONE carries a laptop computer around here. It is a shame because I would love the freedom to simply wander safely and document the area. ‘Talking’ pictures. A million writing prompts outside the door.

    I love your blog. I enjoy it immensely.


  6. My camera is an extension of me…of my mind. Dare I say that I feel undressed without it.

    There was some discussion about Kodak, I have a Kodak Z1015 IS. I’m extremely happy with it and can do almost anything with it that I could with an SLR except having the luxury of multiple lenses. The Z1015 IS is lighter than an SLR and at my age, that is an advantage. It has an excellent German made lens. I also have the Z812IS, an older version which I keep for back-up. While I’m tempted now and then to go to an SLR, I am in no hurry to make the change.


  7. Thanks for that information on the Kodak Vi I have just started reading camera magazines to get more techno savvy but I am a self taught intuitive photographer.

    Steph, I am so glad you like to blog, and yes my area is pretty amazing for the most part it is pretty safe, there are some sad things in rural though like youth suicide, and not many job opportunities in the local areat, and the occassional nasty things happy- but for the most part it is so idyllic. Kingfishers, frogs, bush walks, beaches, although lately some hoons have started frequenting a beautiful swimming hole, but if you look you can find secret swimming holes in your neighbourhood free from such things.

  8. I smiled at the memory of photos taken with heads askew and out of focus. I particularly love your photography, the body parts that you focus on. Your perspective always intrigues me. Usually my digital camera is with me and as I resettle it will be in full use, capturing my new world.

  9. thanks Heather — i think i like to view the world through icons like the hands, and feet – i have started looking up some ideas of dream symbols and classifying the images… i’ll post on that one day.

  10. lovely 🙂 i just came from a weekend trip where i took dozens and dozens of pictures. i can’t wait to post them and share them with the Foodies. 🙂

  11. this is such a lyrical piece, so poetic in the way it is written – lovely. Has given me a great idea to on how to approach a challenge I have been set – thank you 🙂

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