Three Owls to Guide Me

path of the feather

Path of the Feather

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Unity’s Adventure

“Viriginia, Oodgeroo, Emily” the Old Man in the Green Turban called the three writing owls that I had known back when I lived on my island. I placed my two wings in the palm of my hand. The feathers tickled and made me giggle- but then my giggle changed into a “tuwhoo tuwhoo” and I was an owl myself.

The Old Man in the Green Turban had turned into a giant tree and the three owls were seated on his branches. The tree whispered “fly” – I hesitated the tree boomed “fly” and so I flew and saw with Owl’s Eyes.

Above it all – I saw with the Owl’s Eyes- patterns made by rivers and lakes, mountains rising to peaks, orange soil sown for the coming crops, fields full of sleeping goats- and I felt my tummy rumble- and instinct kick in.

I saw a lighthouse and it was then that Viriginia the Owl flew down and I followed. I felt a bit off balance as we swooped down to the lighthouse. Flying and looking, flying and looking until I became the thing I looked at and I was looking at a tasty mouse- trying to break into the lighthouse. I swooped and grabbed and was satisfied with my feed.

I looked into the house and saw the ghost of a lady with a green shawl staring out at me – lost in her beauty and her sadness. I put my head to one side. Virginia and I perched on the tree as the lady with the green shawl came out to sit with us. Together we saw light, darkness, povery, wealth, wings, dust, leaves, and wind- it all swirled around us.

I was flying again, “tuwhoo, farewell Viriginia” this time I followed Oodgeroo- she took me to a place of stories dreaming the landscape. We followed the caterpillar in the mountains, taking flight into blue butterfly- we stopped and danced with the brolga. For a moment I became a human seeking to understand the story of how I became an owl- I danced an owl dance, and danced the owl into the landscape.

I listened to the landscape with Oodgeroo and reread her poems – and her lifestory. Grass roots solutions, education, how wise she was, before her time. No outside of time. I saw her flying with her son.

They were gone and I was now flying to the Ferry with Emily- Emily pouring hope into my feathers, and urging me to fly on to the wharf where the ferry waited. She sang her songs, her poems – and we swooped and settled back onto the tree man, the green turbaned old man, and my wings appeared back on my hand.

I stood at the base of the tree, for now the green turbaned man was gone, back into the soul of the island.

Hope to be back soon- message to flickr friends

The Tree Man

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved.

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