Unity’s Prayer

Talking with a tree

Talking with a Tree – By June Perkins

Unity still with her prayer
Thought of the tame mare and brumby
From the heart of the centre
Where the red Earth sings.

And she saw how the earth grew light
At the coming of the dawn
And lived in the small bright eyes
Of her Eternal Love.

She saw while stillness woke
A tai chi movement of the sun
In silent slow motion
In tranquil feeling.

And she heard the old women and the ancient men
Who in solitude stood upon the mountain
And among them Eternal Love
With radiant hands and brilliant feet.

The still people parted around this Love
And many a wise word sung
As ancient man bought Eternal Love- water
And the young girl black bread.

Eternal Love drew her devotion
Towards the ancient beings
Away from young women playing only their own ideas of life
Away from life lived with out knowledge

Unity still with her prayer
Into more spirit worlds swam
Ancient men and women
Grabbed at the strands of her hair.

(c) All rights reserved June Perkins


Praise of the Tree – By June Perkins

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