Inside I am


Inside I am a tree

I want to spring forth

And grow throughout the nine planes


I know that there are many lands at my feet

Frost lands and Tropical lands

And many will form in my branches

I spread shade far and wide


I filter the light


The hawk waits to hide herself in my branches

She is waiting for my journey upward

To become a canopy separating earth and sky


I wait


Inside I am tall and I will reach

My hands up and from them will

Spring leaves


Leaves of books, leaves of learning

Leaves to sing and rustle all the music

Of my birth


Inside I am a tree.



© image and words June Perkins


This was inspired by a prompt at a Soulfood site on the cosmic egg and creation stories.



3 thoughts on “Inside I am

  1. I am reminded of the hopes and dreams I have for my children as I read these words. watching and waiting as they flourish into young adulthood.

    thank you,


  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog Colleen, I had a look at your blog it looks very interesting – with beautiful art work and words.

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