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“Shake, shake, shake!”

It feels like our house belongs to the Giant that Jack killed when we stomp stomp stomp. The house gets almost as upset as Mum because we’re moving too quickly down the hallway.

Poor Jack set off to seek his fortune and all he was given was a magic bean. Now how can you buy a house with that? Come to think of it in many fairytales they are off to seek their fortune! They chance upon luck, magic and tasks that will bring them their fortune, and sometimes a magic creature or two. My Mum says “My fortune is you children.” Maybe we will grow up and bring her home a golden goose.
“On your marks- get set- go” and we run.

It’s a cool afternoon and we decide it’s time to run around the track. It saves us running in the house on our rocky floorboards house.

Mum remembers that she used to love to run as a teenager. She would take off after an argument with Nana, to a running track across the road. She crossed a swamp and field to get there. She would run past the talking trees and mugwamp in the swamp. She’d will herself not to be afraid. She was always running away from Nana who used to have a rotten temper – so she learnt to run up the hill and sit behind the “big rock” where it was safe.

Now Mum says “On your marks, get, set go” and we run. We don’t like to go to little Athletics. For us running is trying to pass each other on school oval that we live next to. Running is a way to feel free, laugh, and just be ourselves.

I am never still. I tap in the kitchen, tapdetaptaptap. Mum says “You move in a flamenco butterfly movement.” I flutter around the oval.

My big brother paces up and down like he is in a hospital waiting room, but when we get out to the oval his footsteps and hands make an air guitar riff. He’s kinda cool.

My little brother scoots around. Out here is doesn’t bother anyone. He is ahead of us, behind us, ahead of us again.

Mum says “the running spaces in our lives feel like pools of light. They are a moving spotlight that we dance in.”

So we dance, dance, dance.

(c) Gumbootspearlz all rights reserved words and image


2 thoughts on “RUN

  1. There’s so much movement in this piece I feel like I have to catch my breath after reading it!

    I sometimes forget how much fun it is to just run for the fun of it.

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